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RC Drill Pipe And Subs

Diameter 3" to 4 1/2"
Connection thread: 3" Remet, 3 1/2" Remet, 3 1/2" Metzke, 4" Remet, 4" Metzke, 4 1/2" Remet, 4 1/2" Metzke, DR115

Product Description

SOLLROC RC drill pipes and subs

RC drill pipes am subs are the parts of Reverse circultion string which used for exploration and grade control. SOLLROC supply optimal and competitive pipes and subs for clients.

RC drill pipes

The drill pipe body is seamless and made of quality steel souced from Chinese leading modernized steel mills. The tool joints and inner tubes are made of quality material and after harden treatment in order to gettting a maximun wear-resistance capacity and make it longivate.

RC pipes available
Connection threadODLength
3" Remet3"3m & 6m
3.5"   Remet3 1/2"3m & 6m
4" Remet4"3m & 6m
4.5"   Remet4 1/2"3m & 6m

3.5"   Metzke3 1/2"3m & 6m
4"   Metzke4"3m & 6m
4.5"   Metzke4 1/2"3m & 6m

DR1154 1/2"3m & 6m

* Stainless pipe is available.


We supply acrossover subs, digout subs, blow down subs for RC drilling string.

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