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Atlas D7/D9 Rock Drill Rods T45/3660 And T51/3660

Length 5" to 14"
Type: extension rod MM and speed rod MF
  • T45

Product Description


SOLLROC extneions rods for Atlas D7/D9. We provide the solution to optimized the performance and cost for difference rock conditions.

Key Features

*Material are developed by cooperated with National & Local Joint Engineering Laboratory for High-performance Metal Structure Materials and Advanced Manufacturing Technology to improve the fatigue resistance of drilling steel.

*Material is with strict process of steel smelting and rolling: Refining - Vacuum - Continuous casting - drilling hole method - surface peeling to control the content of non metallic inclusion and harmful element.

*Strictly control precision thread process to avoid thread too hot and broken effected by the high vibration and shaking of thread part when it works.

*Heat treatment: Fully Carburization - Air cool quenching - tempering. It make the rod keep high toughness and improve surface harness and whole strength as well.

*Thread strengthen: enhance the thread parts to improve the wear-resistance and longevity of the rod.

SOLLROC T45 Rods specifications


SOLLROC T51 Rods specifications

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